The next step in our journey is here! We’ve gone digital!

The next step in our journey is here! We’ve gone digital!

Welcome to the next stage of Filmmaking Planner - where we provide customised filmmaking tools and film and TV industry stationery for indie filmmakers! We've embraced the power of technology to give you a digital alternative to our beloved paper and pen hardcopy planner. Whether you're a fan of the tactile sensation of writing or prefer the convenience of digital tools, we've got you covered. 

With our Filmmaking Digital Planner, you'll enjoy even greater flexibility and a host of benefits:


With our Filmmaking Digital Planner, your ideas can seamlessly transition from the chaotic notes app to the structured realm of the filmmaking process. Wherever inspiration strikes, jump into your Filmmaking Planner and type your ideas directly into customised filmmaking templates, synopsis pages, film title idea pages, or any section that sparks your creativity!


With our Filmmaking Digital Planner, there's no need for ink, paper, shipping, or binding costs. This eliminates traditional expenses associated with hardcopy versions, allowing us to provide a cost-effective tool in comparisons to other digital  production planners. We're committed to making quality filmmaking tools accessible to everyone on their creative journey.

The Environment:

While our hardcopy planners have their merits, it's essential to acknowledge the environmental impact of traditional business operations. Opting for our digital Filmmaking Planner significantly reduces our carbon footprint by eliminating the need for paper, ink, and shipping. We are committed to sustainability in our business practices, offering both hardcopy and digital options to cater to different preferences while striving to minimise our impact on the environment. Join us in making a positive change for our planet.


Your filmmaking journey is unique, and so should your planner be. You have a selection of five colours to choose from to set the tone of your film project. Enjoy the freedom to add, remove, or rearrange pages to suit your project. Incorporate additional images, and virtual links and make use of our bonus 180 digital filmmaker stickers to stamp your personality on your planner. 

Backup and Collaboration:

Retrieve your planner seamlessly on any device—be it your phone, tablet, or laptop. Our digital planner not only puts your filmmaking world at your fingertips wherever you go but also enables effortless sharing of pages with team members. Collaborate seamlessly by working together on shared pages, allowing for a dynamic and streamlined filmmaking process with your team. Carry more with less effort and enhance collaboration in your creative journey!


Ipad displaying filmmaking digital planner with open laptop, camera phone and coffee cup


How to use your Filmmaking Digital Planner with PDF Annotation Apps

Download the Planner

- Purchase and download the Filmmaking Digital Planner from the provided link.

Transfer to Your Device

- Transfer the planner PDF file to your tablet or device with the PDF annotation app installed

Open the App

- Launch your PDF annotation app (e.g., GoodNotes, Notability).

Import the Planner

- Import the Filmmaking Digital Planner PDF into your app. This is typically done by selecting the import or add file option within the app.

Create a New Notebook (Optional)

- If your app allows, create a new notebook for your Filmmaking Planner. This keeps your projects organised.

Use Digital Tools

- Pen/Pencil: To write, draw, or underline important notes.

- Highlighter: To emphasise key points or sections.

- Text Tool: To add typed text or labels.

- Shapes: For drawing diagrams or charts.

- Stickers: If your app supports them, add digital stickers for visual organisation.

- Colours: Use different colours to categorise or differentiate tasks and notes.

Interactive Elements

- Interact with the planner's interactive elements, if any:

- Hyperlinks: If your planner includes links to specific pages or sections, tap them to navigate.

- Checkboxes: Check off completed tasks or items.

- Dropdown Menus: If your planner has expandable sections, use them to reveal more details.

- Tabs or Index: Utilise these for easy navigation between sections or months.


- Personalise your planner by adding your own notes, comments, or additional information relevant to your filmmaking projects.

Save and Sync

- Regularly save your progress within the app to ensure your changes are preserved.

- If your app supports cloud syncing, consider syncing your planner across devices for easy access.

Export and Share

- When your planning is complete or if you want to share specific pages or notes, export the annotated PDF.

- You can typically export as a PDF with annotations, which makes it easy to share with team members or clients.


- Periodically back up your planner, especially if it contains critical information, to prevent data loss.

Stay Organised

- Use the app's organisational features like folders or tags to efficiently categorise and locate your planner.

Regularly Update

- If updates or new versions of your Filmmaking Digital Planner become available, download and import them to stay current with the latest features and improvements.

We're thrilled about this transition to a digital format, offering you the best of both worlds. Thank you for joining us on this exciting venture. Your filmmaking journey just got even more dynamic!

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