A Guide to Using Our Filmmaking Planner

A Guide to Using Our Filmmaking Planner

So, you're all set to dive into the exciting world of filmmaking! But let's be real, it can also feel like a whirlwind. From dreaming up your film to getting it on screen, there's a whole bunch of stuff to keep track of. That's where our Filmmaking Planner comes to the rescue! In this guide, we're gonna walk you through how to use it like a pro to plan, organise, and bring your ideas to life!


Step 1: Get Your Goals Straight

Before you jump into the planner action, take a chill moment to think about what you want to achieve with your film. What's the vibe? What emotions do you want your viewers to feel? These goals will be your trusty roadmap as you navigate the filmmaking maze.


Step 2: Getting Friendly with the Filmmaking Planner Layout

Don't sweat the small stuff– our Filmmaking Planner is designed to be a breeze to use. Our planner will help you figure out what to think of next in order to get the show on the road, keep track of the show whilst it’s on the road and allow you to log your progress and reflect on how the projects are going. Here are a few key sections:

  1. Project Overview:

Start by giving the lowdown on your project – its name, the genre, and a snazzy logline. This is like your project's ID card.

  1. Pre-Production:

This is your planning hub. Jot down stuff like how the script's coming along, who's gonna be in your movie, where you'll shoot, and when you'll do it.

  1. Production:

Think of this as your filming blueprint. Break down each day of shooting, what you need on set, and the gear that'll make your scenes pop.

  1. Post-Production:

Time to work your editing magic! Plan out how you'll edit, make the sound just right, choose the perfect tunes, and give your film that cool look.

  1. Marketing and Distribution:

If you're going indie, this part's gold. Sort out how you'll tell the world about your film, send it to festivals, and get it out there for everyone to see.


Step 3: Make it Yours

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all in moviemaking. Customise your planner to match your film's quirks. Add, skip, doodle, customise– it's your creativity, adapt our planner around it!


Step 4: Time to Get Real with Deadlines and Goals

Deadlines might sound scary, but they're your pals. Spread out your to-dos over time, breaking big tasks into smaller, doable chunks. It'll keep you from a last-minute freak-out.


Step 5: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Filmmaking's like a potluck dinner – everyone brings their special dish. Share your Filmmaking Planner with your crew, cast, and peeps. Get their thoughts, stay on the same page, and watch the magic of teamwork unfold.


Step 6: Keep it Fresh

Your film's a living thing, constantly growing and changing. So, make sure your planner grows with it. Jot down new ideas, changes, and updates as they pop up during your filmmaking adventure.


So, What We’re Trying To Say Is:

Our Filmmaking Planner is a secret ingredient to filmmaking. With clear goals, a grasp of the planner's flow, a touch of your style, and some regular updates, you'll move through any project seamlessly. Soak in the journey, stay focused, and let your storytelling shine through every frame.


“(Plan) Lights, camera, action!”


Written by Savannah Mathurin

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